Tony Romo Keeping Dallas Cowboys' Playoff Hopes Alive It seems like the Dallas Cowboys have had a chance to win every game this NFL season but ended up on the brink of losing. In some cases they held on for the victory, but in others they ended up getting the loss. Yesterday's game against the Minnesota Vikings was no different, but this time Tony Romo led the team right down the field for a game-winning drive that sealed the victory. Even though the Cowboys are currently 5-4 and in first place of the NFC East, they still have a long way to go before they can be considered a lock for the postseason. The first thing that should be fixed immediately is the defense. I truly feel like Monte Kiffin's Cover 2 style defense is hurting the team more than helping it. How can you have two solid man-to-man corners and make them play zone defense? It makes no sense at all. Sure, Dallas has been able to get turnovers, but they don't get them on every drive and teams still manage to throw the ball right down the defense's throat just about anytime they need to. Everyone loves pointing fingers at Romo. However, when you have no running game and the play-caller just doesn't like to call run plays, you're obviously going to have the ball in your hands more and mistakes are bound to happen. This season Tony has done very well in the turnover department so he's clearly not the reason for Dallas' four losses. Jerry Jones was in the middle of an offseason discussion about whether or not Jason Garrett or Bill Callahan was going to call plays. It hasn't been much of a difference this season with Callahan calling the plays than it was in previous years when Garrett was play caller. DeMarco Murray is a formidable running back when healthy, but taking the ball out of his hands even after he breaks a few nice runs isn't a way to manage the offensive end of the team. If it wasn't for Romo, the 1-6 Vikings would have walked into Dallas' stadium and walk out victorious. The Cowboys have a lot of issues to take care of, but if Romo wasn't on the team they could very well be winless at this point of the season.